Ultratec Silent Storm Snow Machine + Free Snow Fluid

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Picture this - you have spent weeks preparing that tranquil scene, where snow falls gently on a dark winter´s night.  The actors enter stage left; scenery and lighting captivates your audience as they hang on the Heroine´s every word.  Accompanying the stage manager’s call for a light dusting of snow, a perfect finish to a visually convincing winter´s night, comes the scream of a jet engine – thanks to your snow machine! 

The Solution:  Ultratec’s Silent Storm DMX Snow Machine (with Variable Flow Remote)!

Ultratec’s Silent Storm with 2-channel DMX fan speed and flow control is a remarkably quiet snow machine.  Silently (we might add) taking the snow machine market by storm, Silent Storm quietly flows 70% more snow output than its predecessor.  The Variable Flow Remote Control give you easier control of the machine and your scene.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE CASE of TRUE NORTH SNOW FLUID with each purchase of an Ultratec Silent Storm Snow Machine. That's four 4L bottles! A $220 value!